Tracey Sweet, Alexis Venton

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sample 1 Tracey Sweet, Alexis Venton

Lovely young brunette Alexis Fenton has never had girl on girl fun before, but she is eager to try! Her lovely friend, young blond Tracey Sweet, is more than willing to break her in, teasing Alexis with flashes of her boobs. Alexis shyly gets naked, spreading her legs and showing off a smoothly shaved slit to Tracey, who licks her lips in satisfaction and then dives down to gobble Alexis to her first lesbian climax. Alexis is even more shy when it comes to giving head to Tracey, though it turns out that she has a natural talent for teasing the other girl’s clit. The passionate carpet muncher tramps finish the video in a steamy oral 69.


Stevie Shae, Liv Aguilera

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sample 1 Stevie Shae, Liv Aguilera

These have got to be two of the hottest young carpet munchers ever recorded in a porn video! Skinny, perfect body brunette Liv teams up with her blond girlfriend Stevie for some extremely wild lesbo sex. Both of these hotties have got incredible, all natural bodies, and with a blond and a brunette in the episode, you are spoiled choice! Liv definitely takes the lead in this flick, eating Stevie’s coochie and flicking her backside before she gets out her favorite dildo. Stevie moans as her backside gets fingered and her beaver gets fucked at the same time – she is getting pleasured in both holes and she loves it! Liv finishes her with a Hitachi dildo.


Celeste, Stacy, Paul Markham

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sample 1 Celeste, Stacy, Paul Markham

Celeste and Stacy pose for a sexy photo shoot, and the photographer prompts them to get dirtier and more adventurous. He has Stacy eat out Celeste’s shaved fuckhole, and he uses a pink dildo to fuck Stacy’s wet twat as she continues to tongue Celeste’s erect clit. The photographer can’t believe his good fortune as the sweeties are more than receptive to his ideas and prompts. He takes turns flicking and eating out each tramp’s firm slot, and the babes finish the clip by sucking him. Say cheese!


Veronika, Kara W

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sample 1 Veronika, Kara W

Check out the incredible bodies on nubile college beauties Veronica and Kara. These girls are flawless; in fact, they could be fashion chicks! Lucky for us, instead of posing on the runway, they are licking each others’ cunts in a hard core lesbo porno! The episode kicks off quite romantically, with Veronica kneeling in between the thighs of her girlfriend while she sits on a chair. The babes kiss and then Veronica goes down town, pulling her girlfriend’s panties to one side and lovingly tonguing her cunt. However, soon the hotties need more stimulation, getting out their favorite dildo and proceeding to bang each others’ moist holes.


Barbara S, Eva V, Kara W, Lenka H

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sample 1 Barbara S, Eva V, Kara W, Lenka H

Cuties Barbara, Eva, Kara, and Lenka decide to have a slumber party until they all turn horny and want an orgy instead.


Blair Pluc, Veronika Par, Patricia S, Kamila Han

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sample 1 Blair Pluc, Veronika Par, Patricia S, Kamila Han

College Slut girls are hot. They like to experiment and like trying things some people may not approve of. In this episode we have four, incredibly sexy and slim college sluts. They have discovered that kissing divas can be a lot of fun. You can get rid of all your sexual frustrations without actually having sex with boys. Because sex with another whore doesn’t really count does it? These four sweeties will drive you passionate with their nimble little bodies getting all kinky with each other and eagerly rubbing each others slits and discovering new gropings.


Veronika D, Dagmar P

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sample 1 Veronika D, Dagmar P

A couple of gorgeous college hotties skip class for an afternoon; they’ve got much more important things to do than study! They stay holed up in their dorm room, kissing and playing with each other on the bed. At first brunette babe Veronika leads the way, tonguing the twat of her blond girlfriend Dagmar and making her climax with her mouth. The action gets even more intense as Veronika puts on an extremely huge strap-on; it’s realistically shaped like a dong, but it’s absolutely massive! At first Dagmar rides it, and then Veronika takes over with some hardcore doggystyle strap-on fucking. Dagmar pays her back with some hot oral.


Anna M, Camilla

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sample 1 Anna M, Camilla

These two dirty college sweeties are supposed to be studying, but instead they ignore their academic pursuits in favour of licking each others’ shaved cooters. The two girls, a sexy brunette called Anna and her stunning blonde girlfriend Camilla, kiss each other firmly on the lips. A lot of the time when you see two divas getting it on in a porn movie it is obviously fake, but you can tell by the way that they flicker their tongues over one another’s lips that these hotties are genuinely into girl on girl action. At first brunette Anna is the ringleader, tonguing her girlfriend to perfection and then pulling out a purple dildo to fuck her hole.


Camilla, Juli

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sample 1 Camilla, Juli

Friends Camilla and Juli lay on Juli’s bed while playing on the computer, looking up naughty websites while Juli’s parents are out. The divas decide to work off some of the horny energy they’ve built up and begin kissing while helping each other off with their clothes. Camilla has Juli spread her legs wide so she can eat out her shaved snatch, fingering her wet beaver while licking her erect clit with her pierced tongue. The vixens then share a yellow rubber cock to make each other jizz again and again.


Jane, Sweety

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sample 1 Jane, Sweety

College Slut friends Sweety and Jane are having their own private little slumber party, and they don’t need any boys to have some fun. They kiss each other as they grope each other’s nubile bodies, and they slowly help one another off with their skimpy outfits. Jane settles between Sweety’s legs, eating out her pretty little vag and fingering her juicy hole while mouthing her her hard clit. Sweety lays Jane back to return the favor, and she uses a dildo to bang her tight vag. These young dykes are face-meltingly hot!